What, you’re Offended?

You mean you want to clone yourself!

I would like to think of myself as a relatively intelligent person that has good reasoning skills BUT I cannot for the life of me understand the whole OMG I am offended Fad.

Seriously what is there to be offended about?

After not much thought I have come to the conclusion that It comes down to an issue of wanting to indulge in self-cloning.


  • I want you to eat the same types of food I eat.
  • I want you to love the same gender that I do.
  • I want you to pray to the same god I do.
  • I want you to use the same language that I do.

The list is almost endless.

If that’s not the underlying intention to have the rest of the planet exactly like ourselves then what is it?

It’s a phenonium to me especially as it seems that many people don’t even like who they are anyway yet alone to have to interact with a world full of themselves.

Seriously then what kind of world would we be left with where we couldn’t think we were better than others because they are different?