Don’t tell me what to do!

And that’s why I started Ship Street Poetry

I am pretty sure that most of us don’t like being told what to do, and that maybe some of us are just a little more vocal about it than others.

Well I am one of the vocal ones.

That’s not to say I cannot take direction from people that know a lot more about a subject than I do.

But it does go without saying that I get very very shitted off when someone attempts to tell me what I should say, how I should say it as well as any other “wonderful unsolicited” bits of advice about MY life.

Sure, if I ask an opinion go for it hit me with your rhythm stick of wisdom and opinions, but if not Just DON’T!

Now other than being vehemently opposed to being told what to do I am also quite impatient with most things, ………. sound like a treat don’t I?

When looking to publish My Rabid Fucking Soul I contacted 4 publishing companies with the self-publishing model in mind. I thought that by going through publishers as a self-published author I would not come across some random stranger who knows nothing about me trying to dictate to me what I should NOT call my book or what I should NOT put in it. Well how bloody wrong was I?

Some were more polite than others, one just damn condescending and rude. BUT in essence I was not heard and my business was not wanted because maybe my book wasn’t what they personally would have wanted to read after being busy handing out their unsolicited wisdom to a pile of poor unsuspecting people all day bloody long.

In my opinion if it means anything, is that we should all be able to create books and art and music that moves us and hopefully moves others without the thought police trying to conform everyone to their way of life.

I created Ship Street Poetry because I wanted to be in control of my own words and artistic ideas , without having to get someone’s permission to do so. I have decided that Ship Street Poetry is also here to support other writers and artists with the same.

The name Ship Street Poetry came from a street sign I took a photo of one xmas eve not too long ago after leaving my favourite wine bar, the fact that it sounded very close to Shit Creek was just a bonus.

So my piece of “unsolicited wisdom”  to others is this,

Create what you feel to create and when someone tells you to do it differently tell them to piss off.