Promoting Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression and an End to Censorship.

Ship Street Poetry is all about making self-expression easier for everyone. That’s why we encourage contributions from artists, writers, photographers. We know that sometimes getting started is the hardest part, so we show how anyone can do it, whether a novice or an expert.

We’re interested in weird and wonderfully creative ideas to celebrate freedom of speech.

Let’s together celebrate and showcase the best poetry, photography, music and more from around the world, and delve into the messy, but magical creative process.

Diversity is at the centre of what we do. We want to tell stories across different communities – whether that’s age, race, geography, gender or sexuality. Put simply; more voices equals better ideas.

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“warning foul language ahead”

Open Mic Night

Come join an eclectic bunch of poets and free spirits, organised by Seek-Deliver Arts Group ( We call it open mic night, and you’ll hear from writers, poets and those aspiring to have a voice and an audience. Great fun & inspiration. Click here to say you’re coming.

Penchant for the Dark Side?

Contribute to our Anthology of poems, entitled ‘Rise Up Rabid Souls’. Selected poems and photos will be published, with every contributor receiving a soft cover copy.

Submit your poems, photography & art NOW! for a chance to be published in 2020 with fellow creatives freely expressing themselves without restraint.

We are also offering a Judges choice award of $250 AUD.

One chosen Poet will be showcased in our promotions and will have the opportunity to read their poem at the book launch.

One chosen Artist or Photographer will have the opportunity to display their work at the book launch and be showcased in promotions.

Entries close 30 November 2020. For more information and to enter, visit

Don’t tell me what to do!

And that’s why I started Ship Street Poetry I am pretty sure that most of us don’t like being told what to do, and that maybe some of us are just a little more vocal about it than others. Well I am one of the vocal ones. That’s not to say I cannot take direction

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What, you’re Offended?

You mean you want to clone yourself! I would like to think of myself as a relatively intelligent person that has good reasoning skills BUT I cannot for the life of me understand the whole OMG I am offended Fad. Seriously what is there to be offended about? After not much thought I have come to

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It’s true, I am an amateur!

If someone was to say that I am an amateur I would have to agree. After all, not only did I use my Galaxy Phone to take the photos for My Rabid Fucking Soul but I also had my grandson Jarrod take photos for the book as well.  He was 9 at the time. My

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